Search engine marketing (SEM) is a type of internet-based marketing that focuses on buying traffic via paid search activities like PPC and advertisements and ad extensions. Because most people who use online searches have an idea of what they want, whether it's a Mexican restaurant in their local markets or a niche model train product, properly putting ads in front of this target audience is highly effective at driving traffic. Below are just a few of the benefits of running an SEM campaign.

Get Their Attention.

SEM gets the attention of your target audience at the right time and the right place. 81% of shoppers opt to research online before making their purchases. Here, they are using search engines to read user reviews, compare product prices, read product information, and consume other relevant content about desired goods and services. As long as you use SEM in tandem with local media and high SEO value content, then you are actively getting your information out to those people who are hungry to consume it. And all at an affordable, even desirably low-for-the-ROI cost.

Highly Measurable.

SEM is measurable. The measure of any great advertising or campaign strategy is its own measurability. Thanks to a variety of integrated tools, SEM is great for this as you can precision track just about everything, including your keyword mix. This allows you and your team to continually improve your marketing attempts in order to bring in greater leads and close more sales. Experiment with tweaks in your content, your visual offerings, and word choice to see what brings in those numbers and what doesn't. Tinkering and playing with different campaign types to see which ideas work the best is one of the best ways to see actual results come to fruition. Focusing your efforts on being as granular or as widespread as you'd like is one of the main benefits of running an SEM campaign

Easy to Use.

SEM is simple to use and quick to implement. Best of all, getting started with a search engine marketing campaign is fast and easy. Sure, it may take a minute for you and your sales team to become fluent with the analytics and enjoy the full return of a campaign. However, it can be set up in just a few hours and changes can be made just about whenever you want. Tailor your keywords, content, and spending based on your feedback in real-time.

Get your ads in front of the consumers that matter, and launch a Search Engine Marketing campaign today!

Brett Serrell

Written by Brett Serrell

Brett is the Marketing Coordinator at OwnLocal.

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