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Andrew McFadden
By Andrew McFadden - September 25, 2018

Marketing to parents poses a unique challenge to advertisers. You need to learn how to stand out from the crowd. In the modern age, parents are inundated with advertisements for products and services geared toward them. Magazines, websites, radio spots, and TV commercials are full of marketers looking to sell everything from organic baby clothing to high-end strollers. Since parents have a tendency to always be on the go, marketers must look for innovative ways to reach their target demographic.


Get Into Their Heads

Knowing your target audience inside and out will make a significant difference in the results of your marketing campaign. Parents have a tendency to respond to ads that play upon their emotions in regards to their children. Ads that focus on bringing positive experiences into the lives of their children will resonate the most. Email surveys and focus groups are useful tools when trying to tap into the consciousness of the everyday mom and dad. Today’s parents have concerns about their children’s well being and they are responding more to products and services that promote a family’s health. Advertising buzzwords that are currently making an impact include “natural,” “organic,” and “sustainable"

Social Media Outreach

The majority of parents with young children are more technologically advanced than previous generations. Most of their information is coming from online sources, like social media sites. Creating dedicated pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram isn’t nearly enough to make an impact. Online advertisements should be placed on social media and on websites that have relevant content. Pinterest is also gaining traction as a popular spot for marketers to target since it’s the ideal place for parents to swap tips and product recommendations.

Although online advertisements should be a key component in your marketing campaigns, keep in mind that engagement makes a big difference. Blogs and newsletters with interesting, thought-provoking content geared towards parents will keep the audience coming back for more.

Market Mostly to Mothers

According to survey data compiled by eMarketer, mothers control an estimated 80 percent of all household spending. Mothers are not only the ones likely to buy the majority of the products, but they’re also more prone to help with word of mouth advertising. If they love a product, they may share their recommendations via email and social media. Moms are also using mobile solutions more often to control their spending. Marketers are able to reach mothers through shopping list and coupon applications that are available via smartphones and tablets.

Get Local Support

Although online advertising is important, marketers can connect with local parents to make their products and services more accessible. Purchase ad space in family-friendly local magazines on a weekly or monthly basis. Sponsor a local children’s sports team or organize a family fun run. Retailers and restaurants can host a family-friendly holiday event within their space in order to attract new customers to their businesses.

The most important takeaway is that you keep your advertising relevant and informative. Building brand loyalty is crucial to your marketing campaign’s success.


Andrew McFadden

Written by Andrew McFadden

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